6-Bottle Wine Rack - The Turntable Wine Rack (No. 53)

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At the roundhouse, the turntable allowed locomotives to be rotated and directed into various service bays. Our latest addition to our wine rack collection rotates to provide access in the same way.

It's a heavy duty solution that allows you to display all your finest vintages and show your passion for all things railroad.

Designed to display and store your finest bottles of cabernet, malbec or pinot noir, we use eco-friendly hardwood timbers. We hand-select the wood looking for great character - distress and rough-sawn markings.

We combine that special wood with slices of decommissioned rail aged to a dark patina by decades of service - a unique complement to your finest vintages.

Size: 36"x 16"x16" (approx.) (HxWxD)

Color: Whiskey

Materials: Steel and wood

Made in the USA

Warranty Information

Rail Yard Studios uses reclaimed materials salvaged from historic railroad lines. The individual wear and characteristic features inherent in the service-worn materials provide each piece with its own personality. Measurements, finishes and degree of distress are naturally occurring and are subject to variability. Refer to descriptions and/or photographs for information on the most unique features of each piece.


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