Curly Oak Timber Ballast Deck Desk (No. 17)

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Vintage materials bring home the authentic Industrial Modern look and feel with this railroad-themed desk. The steel rails and granite stone ballast perched atop a thick heavy wooden timbered base make this an instant conversation starter in any office.

For anyone interested in historic preservation, this desk puts it underneath your hands every day in the form of a desk. 

The curly oak is stunning and sets the number 17 iteration of this desk apart from others in this series. Finished off with the date nail number 17, it is an entirely unique offering from our collection of office and home furnishings. 

We topped it with rail so heavily worn that the head has begun to split. The passage of countless locomotives and freight cars across the head of the rail has finally worn this beyond it useful service life n the railroad and brought it to our hands for preservation. The crack in the head of the rail offers an example of the vertical split head defect common in older rail that has been worn beyond its normal life span and a prime example of steel making methods from the late 1800s and early 1900s that are no longer in modern industrial use. 

We've combined all of the classic elements of the Industrial Age  - wood, steel and stone for this piece in our collection of furniture.

The massive wood timbers come from authentic crosstie stock - always creosote-free. The deep incisor marks and natural imperfections inherent in the wood give it unique and authentic character.

We filled the tray with chunky pieces of granite ballast from the railbed of the tracks. The rough black and white veined stone is as durable as it is gorgeous.

A single artifact scavenged from the side of the tracks and nestled among the granite ballast completes the authentic look and feel.

Size: 72" x 32" x 30" (LxDxH)

Color: Whiskey

Materials: Steel, wood, granite stone rocks and glass

Made in the USA

Warranty Information

Rail Yard Studios uses reclaimed materials salvaged from historic railroad lines. The individual wear and characteristic features inherent in the service-worn materials provide each piece with its own personality. Measurements, finishes and degree of distress are naturally occurring and are subject to variability. Refer to descriptions and/or photographs for information on the most unique features of each piece.


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