Wabash Wall

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We designed the Wabash Wall as a room divider or partition for for large open spaces like offices and other big rooms. These moveable walls bring Industrial Modern to any space with a sense of refinement. Made from reclaimed hard maple boxcar flooring, they quickly disassemble and reassemble to relocate from one location to another. The modular design allows multiple panels to be strung together creating virtually any length or height. Shown here as a 5'6" tall by 9-foot wide section.

Crafted from sections of reclaimed boxcar flooring sandwiched between two pieces of vintage steel rail, the glass panel provides an open airy feel to the solid sturdy wall. The strips of tongue and groove hard maple still bear the distress marks of decades of service shipping freight across the continent. 

We left the open bolt holes to allow for bit of airflow and to retain the intrinsic details of the workmanship of the original boxcar installation.

Sanded down to a more refined look, some distress remains visible in the panels with the tongue of the top panel accenting the upper edge and the groove holding the glass panel that allows light to pass through. 

Note that the fronts and backs possess differing marks and features. The side with large holes served as the top and as such was subjected to heavy distress and scarring from machinery and freight. The other side with smaller holes faced down and was left exposed to the elements and steel undercarriage of the car resulting in unique discoloration and markings.

Distress and coloring may vary with each section. We also offer this product in both a natural and dark finish.

As with all of our products, it is entirely hand-crafted here in the USA.

108" x 66" (LxW)


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