Derailment Coffee Table (No. 24)


Expected release date is Aug 15th 2022

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Our Derailment Coffee Table uses an asymmetrical design and heavy industrial wood and steel materials to create an eclectic, yet timelessly classic look and feel.

Cantilevered wood timbers surround a heavily distressed section of steel railroad rail beneath a glass top. This piece of furniture invites conversation in an office lobby or at home in the den or living room.

We hand select pieces for this table from drops and other small pieces of wood as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility. The base uses a selection of mixed hardwoods highlighting the railroad industry practice of using any type of hardwood in the production of crosstie timbers.

The heavy distressed rail head features a vertical split head defect – evidence of it’s history leading to the derailing of railcars

A popular design among non-railroaders, the name of this table rarely finds acceptance among the railroad community given the implication of the word “derailment.”


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