Executive Hopper Desk (2 INCH HF COMP Version)

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Project Boxcar Series

We crafted this oversized executive style industrial desk from a salvaged coal car and topped it with slabs of flooring from a retired boxcar. 

This desk is pure railroad rolling stock!

We exclusively use authentic vintage railroad components in all of our work, and this represents one of our more unique offerings from our furniture collection.

The base hails from sections of a decommissioned railroad hopper used for carrying coal and other bulk materials. The evidence of its long service life are clear in the wear and distress from a lifetime of use.

The outside portions of the desk show the exterior of the car. The hi-viz  "2 INCH HF COMP SHOES" lettering remains clearly visible on the steel panels and the original bolts connecting the angled hopper bins within the car grace the sides. 

The inner portions of the desk showcase the internal portion of the open top hopper so rarely visible other than from above when the car was empty.

The desktop we crafted from sections of boxcar flooring in keeping with the theme of rolling stock. As boxcars are retired and scrapped the steel is recycled, and the hardwood flooring can be reclaimed for other purposes such as in this desk.

Each piece we craft is individually unique - even more so with the pieces from our Project Boxcar series. 

  • 84" x 36" x 30" (WxDxH)
  • Oak Boxcar Flooring Desktop (solid 2" thick)
  • Hand-finished reclaimed wood
  • Steel base from decommissioned coal hopper

Please note: We offer this as an exclusive opportunity. Pieces crafted from railcars cannot be exactly duplicated. If this piece catches your eye, it is best to get it while it is available.


We created the base from two sections of a retired CSX coal hopper, a Raceland Hopper H-48 manufactured in 1971 that gives the desk its name. The long history of this rolling stock is evident in the distress from decades of service. After cleaning the years of accumulated grit and dirt, we coat the surfaces with an environmentally friendly finish.


A certificate of authenticity accompanies the desk detailing the known story of the artifacts and is signed by Rail Yard Studios Founder Robert Hendrick.

Color: Unique varied wood top and gray base with hi-vis yellow reflectors 

Materials: Reclaimed wood and steel

Proudly Made in the USA!

Warranty Information

Rail Yard Studios uses reclaimed materials salvaged from historic railroad lines. The individual wear and characteristic features inherent in the service-worn materials provide each piece with its own personality. Measurements, finishes and degree of distress are naturally occurring and are subject to variability. Refer to descriptions and/or photographs for information on the most unique features of each piece.


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