Rail Yard Buffalo Collection Sofa

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Rail Yard Buffalo Collection Sofa 

The warmth and toughness of authentic American Buffalo hide leather makes a bold statement at home or in the office. We’ve added a touch of Rail Yard Studios style to some of the more popular designs from our partners at Buffalo Collection with accents of railroad steel. Just as the steam engines used to roam the plains alongside the Bison, they once again can be found gathered together.

Paired with the natural beauty of our solid American hardwoods and vintage turn of the century steel, the look and feel brings home the modern industrial look and feel with an air of authenticity few can offer.

Sustainable practices hold today’s herds in special preserves which has allowed the once nearly extinct North American herd to return to the plains. With our dedication to better stewardship of the environment, it was important for us to stay true to our commitment.

We’ve partnered with Buffalo Collection out of Scottsdale, Arizona to offer up this latest product line. Much of their exquisite collection of sofas and armchairs can now be ordered up with a touch of authentic railroad.

Like us their hand-crafted furnishings are sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States and designed to complement the best homes and offices.

Why American Bison?

Buffalo hide was used for the first belts on machinery in the Industrial Revolution because it is “up to three times thicker than that of cattle and has wider spaced sub-dermal collagen fibers making it more durable and flexible”


The natural material seemed endless before the species was nearly wiped out in the late 1800s with fewer than 1,000 still alive.




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