Short Line Bookends

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Short line railroads are just what they say - limited length regional service lines.

Today the Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) stands tall among the short lines. But there are those that still recall the vintage era history of the B&O the L&N and countless others that were rolled up into the larger railroads before being liberated once again as lines were abandoned en masse starting in the 1970s.

We've done a limited run of these incredibly popular little slices of American history.

Each set is made from a section of railroad stock in service for over 100 years. The evidence of a century of hard labor is clear in the pitted and weather-distressed finish as well as the flow - that distinctive lip of metal created by years of use and tons of traffic across the line. Each set is individually unique, and there will be subtle variations making no two pieces exactly alike. Markings and finish will vary.

Size: 4.5" x 3" x 4.5" (HxWxD) 

Color: Black patina steel

Materials: good old fashioned American made steel from the 1900s

Made in the USA

Warranty Information

Rail Yard Studios uses reclaimed materials salvaged from historic railroad lines. The individual wear and characteristic features inherent in the service-worn materials provide each piece with its own personality. Measurements, finishes and degree of distress are naturally occurring and are subject to variability. Refer to descriptions and/or photographs for information on the most unique features of each piece.


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