Sound-Reactive Fire Pits from Rail Yard Studios

Sound-Reactive Fire Pits from Rail Yard Studios

Fire pits and music combined with railroad?

It sounded crazy to us, too.

So we did it twice - in a 24-inch burner model and a 36-inch burner model.

Sound-reactive flames - you mean like at a concert with the pyrotechnics show?

In my own back yard?


We banded together with another Nashville-based group called Music City Fire Company - great folks with amazing technology - to come up with our gig!

We're talking a Bluetooth-enabled firepit with Harmon/Kardon speakers, and the flames moves to the music!

What takes it over the top is the real-time reaction - it's better than a choreographed show!

These beauties throw down in synch with the music. We've hooked up live musicians to the system (we've got a lot of those here in Nashville), and the flame moves to their live performance. 

We created the big daddy version based on our popular Sleepers style with a massive 36-inch burner. You can find the 36-burner Sleepers Fire Pit here. 

And it's little brother, the impressive 24-inch burner version, the Trackside fire pit can be found here.

Find it all a bit too hard to believe?

Check out the video here showing off some of the tech in action. 

  • Sound-reactive flame
  • Harmon/Kardon speakers
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • Made in the USA!

Sing it with us!

You can find out more about our partners Music City Fire Company here.