Calligraffiti Triptych on Sections of Railcar

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The monochromatic design style created by artist Troy Duff captures the shapes and forms that he uses inside of his "wild style" graffiti. Broken down to a single color in this manner, this original and unique style provides a raw look into the design while presenting it in a refined design.

Troy spent years plying his trade legally and illegally around the country living in Nashville and Los Angeles before returning back to his native Tennessee.

In 2017, he began playing with the style that he would come to call calligraffiti that reduces his handstyle elements into a single monochromatic design. 

The result is pure genius that brings up comparison to well-known artists like RETNA who likewise have developed their own single-color designs. 

This piece is a three-part triptych in off white and yellow on charcoal-colored sections of a coal car. We created the steel canvases, prepared them to mount on any wall and then let Troy go at them and work his magic. 



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