ICHABOD High Speed Train on Autorack Door Section

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#ICHABODtheRailGod, the legendary YME and Circle T graff artist, caught the look and feel of a high-speed bullet train along the top of this section of an autorack door. The elongated D at the end of his classic moniker took the form of the front end of a passenger train akin to the inimitable ICE of Germany or the TGV of French renown.

If you’ve ever ridden one of the fast-moving people movers in Europe, you know the thrill of riding in one of the most modern of passenger trains. The anticipation as one of the sleek aerodynamic machines glides into the station can turn even the most seasoned rider into a kid.

As the doors pop open like a pressurized aircraft, you realize you’re stepping into a high speed adventure. The take-off is butterfly inducing, and the scene of fields and buildings passing by at a speed you rarely see while traveling on land complete an other-worldly experience.

Collaborating with an Artist

We take sections of steel from scrapped railcars and create metal “canvases” to collaborate with freight graffiti writers. We focus on partnering with those artists whose work we have harvested for our non-profit partner The Graff Museum. That’s just one way we try to give back to the graff community as we work to preserve the history of the culture and bring awareness to the issues of addiction and mental health that take such a toll on many in that world.

At first, the legendary freight writer ICHABOD turned his nose up at this steel canvas. The odd shapes we make often define the composition they receive. Sometimes it takes a little while to settle in and generate an idea that fits the shape. That was the case with this mangled sliver of railcar.

Autorack doors are particularly prone to damage. The doors have a peculiar curve to them that makes them a little more challenging that the usual flat edges and surfaces that tend to comprise railcar structures. One of our partners performs autorack repairs while others scrap retired railcars. As they have pieces and parts, we grab select chunks to use in the pieces we craft.

This piece comes with special hardware for mounting your new acquisition from the rail god himself.

Approximate size: 30" x 6" x 4" (LxWxD)


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