Railway Interchange - the Greatest Show on Earth

Railway Interchange - the Greatest Show on Earth

Posted by Robert Hendrick on Sep 19th 2023

Expect the unexpected – a railroad industry conference sounds like less-than-glamorous industrial business, but we make sure it’s also filled with fun like our game tables, art and custom-made furniture crafted from authentic steel and wood railroad materials.

At Railway Interchange, the railroading community comes together every other year for the biggest show in the industry. In 2023, the venue will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Rail Yard Studios will be on hand for the festivities.

October 2-4, 2023 in Indianapolis

Find Rail Yard Studios in Booth 4183

Railway Interchange represents the gathering of three major trade show events under one roof.

REMSA (Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association) supports the track and structures portion of the industry – the hard-working rough guys and girls who build and maintain the tracks. You’ll find us - Rail Yard Studios - in the REMSA section in booth 4183.

RSI (Railway Supply Institute) serves as the organization for the rolling stock portion of the railroads – locomotives and railcars.

RSSI (Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc.) covers the signaling and electronics segment of the railroad industry.


If you love industrial machinery and gritty hard-working folks, it simply does not get any better than this show!

Located in the Indianapolis Convention Center, the venue is massive! The show space is attached to Lucas Oil Stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play making for a lot of square footage all under one roof! In fact, the Colts take on the Los Angeles Rams on October 1 – the day before the show opens (while we’re scheduled to set up, no less…sigh)


All of the industry giants will be in attendance – if it’s part of keeping the infrastructure in order that supports the backbone of the American railroad industry, they’re coming!

Count on seeing team members from the companies like Trinity Rail and Greenbrier, companies that make the iron horses that roll the rails. You’ll also see the guys that refurbish old equipment like NRE and those who help move around the used rolling stock like Ozark Mountain Railway.

You’ll run into the players from the Class 1 railroads (the big boys in North America). You know the names because they own the right of way and much of the rolling stock – BNSFCSXUnion PacificNorfolk Southern. And rest assured, it is an international affair with strong representation by Canadian National and Canadian Pacific, our neighbors from north of the border.

The supporting cast from the Short Lines and Regional Railroads will be there as well like Genesee & Wyoming and Anacostia among many others.

Keep an eye out for the people who make and sell hand tools like Railroad Tools and Solutions (those guys stock every railroad tool imaginable!), Stanley Tools and Warwood Tools (our Railroad Services guys love the Harwood spiking mauls).

You’ll see businesses that provide insurance and legal services for the rails. You’ll run across the contractors who build and repair the main artery of industrial traffic across the country.

Even the publishers of the magazines that chronicle the exploits and accomplishments of these hard-working people will be on hand. We’re talking about the fine people from Progressive RailroadingTrains magazine, Railway Age and more.

When we say everyone will be there, we mean EVERYONE


We change it up every time and try to keep it fun.

We’ve got something special planned this time around!

We’re bringing along an air hockey table for people to enjoy while they take a break from strolling the conference.

We’re going to have a couple of new sculptures we’ve been working on, and a classic coffee table from our collection dubbed the Derailment Coffee Table.

Oh, and a massive harvested piece of graffiti!

The graffiti comes through the Graff Museum, our not-for-profit entity that supports the arts, but also focuses on the issues of addiction and mental health that tend to plague the graffiti writing community.

We recognize the controversy in what the Graff Museum does, but before you condemn us, drop by and have a word with us, and learn more about this underground art form, the people engaged in creating it and the issues they face. It’s always fun to hear other perspectives on things.

Hope to see you in Indianapolis!