Double Trestle Dining Table

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Dinner on the rails has a whole new meaning beyond Amtrak or the train travel of yore. We managed to tuck two vintage steel railroad rails underneath our Double Trestle Dining Table. Positioned at just the right height, the rails function beautifully as a footrest, and this Industrial Age throwback offers a stunning look and feel in your kitchen or dining room.

Vintage Railroad

The rails trace their origins back to the early 1900s and the foundries of people like Andrew Carnegie when the Robber Barons ruled the rails. This steel carries a great deal of history in its deeply pitted surface and dark patina.

We hand-select the solid hardwood featured in the base from culled crosstie stock. As tie manufacturers cut timber for the railroads, that lumber must meet grade. The sections that come up shy of expectation due knots, bark seams or other minor imperfections get set aside and spared the treatment process.

As such, all of the wood we use is creosote-free having never reached its intended use as a railroad cross tie. We think it's a great way to produce a more sustainably-sourced product and preserve these incredible North American hardwood timbers.

Reclaimed Boxcar Flooring

The gorgeous wood grain with a butcher block look and feel traces its origins back to the rails as well.

We’ve topped the table with a 2-inch-thick slab of oak boxcar flooring. That butcher block look and feel comes from the strips of oak slabbed together to create strong, sturdy flooring meant to carry tons of freight for decades and over millions of miles. We kept the original tongue and groove joints on either side and the end grain at each end of the table as further proof of the legacy behind the materials.

We resurface the tabletop just enough to keep a touch of character. That way we accent the material’s heritage, but produce a finish refined enough for your dinner guests to appreciate the natural beauty of the grain.

Rest assured, this table will serve to start conversations whenever you gather with family and friends around the Double Track Dining Table.


Materials: Wood and steel

Dimensions: 90" x 48" x 30" (LWH)


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